Consulting and coaching complement each other: consulting to help understanding situations and finding solutions, and coaching to support managers and teams in the evolution of their skills, postures and interactions. Our combined skills and experiences allow us to combine in a coherent way, both types of approaches, to further improve our impact.

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Our convictions

Company performance and relationship structure
The company's performance is ensured by a convergence between its organizational system and its relational system. Pressed by the time it takes to make choices, leaders invest in thinking about their organizational structure and systems, without realizing the need to adequately move the relational structure. Our role is to help companies and organizations measure relational systems and interdependencies to break silos and allow for participatory collaboration.

Leadership management

Management is at the heart of the relational system of any company and organization, it largely determines the functioning and the result. Teams and individuals need to recognize themselves in the exemplarity of management, and the consistency of expected behaviors. Leader, Manager and coaches have the different postures of the 21st century manager, it is no longer enough to simply develop authority, it is necessary to become a source of inspiration. Knowing how to manage change and federate VUCA in the world, the evolution of business lines and digitalization requires a multi-hatted approach!

collectieve Intelligentie

In order to better understand the development of knowledge and skills in teams and organizations, we work with collective intelligence approaches, by enabling the appropriation of agile world approaches, reinforcing flexibility of reaction, and taking advantage of the wealth of diversity, to work towards the common goals.


We help finding the keys to understanding, developing the ability to use the in depth comprehension of structural and human resistance to change, to improve the integration, the tools and methods that will enable managers and leaders to give meaning to their action and support the transformations to be implemented. Being a capable change manager and having the tools to give meaning to actions in transformative situations is one of the precepts of 21st century. Our training courses are aimed at managers who wish to provide concrete answers to their challenges in the face of organisational, structural and operational changes. John Kotter ®, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Rick Maurer ®.... are some of the many tools that we explore in our journeys.

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We offer training to the benefit of the individual and the thought-out results. We use systemic ®, and the TOB ®approaches to allow us to better understand the complexity of structures and interactions, to facilitate the decoding of interdependencies, and to identify more effective levers for action, around meaning and goals.

The use of ORSC® facilitates emotional and relational intelligence to develop energy, performance and well-being of teams and individuals through a better knowledge of self, others and a better ability to interact in trust and openness.

Ontwikkeling van mensen

Organizations and companies are supported by their members who constitute an infinite, and sometimes unsuspected, resource. In an increasingly complex and demanding world, the need for meaning, self-confidence and the ability to make conscious choices are the adages of a balanced person in their professional environment. Often unaware of their specificity and talents, they exhaust themselves to give the best of themselves or to hide what could make them vulnerable. Involving employees in a personal and professional development process allows them to reconnect to their personal strengths, identify their potential and rediscover their inner energy to take on new challenges, in a responsible way - Human Element Methode Schutz certified ®