Change Management

We support you in the change projects you are facing. Organizational or operational reorganizations are times of doubt and instability. We help you stay on track while supporting your staff in their difficulties and resistance, for a developing and responsible future.

Leadership Management

The number of challenges faced by managers is commensurate with the permanent changes imposed on structures. Being conscious of your strengths and vulnerabilities will make the difference in being the authentic and consistent managers needed by individuals and teams. Develop your style to motivate and inspire employees in the realities of tomorrow. These are all themes that fascinate us and to which, in a process of co-creation, we provide real answers.

Be yourself more skilled!

Team cohesion

In these times of turmoil and constant questioning, teams are being put to the test. Allowing them to refocus on the 'Whys’ and the meaning of their mission is a unique opportunity. Taking the time to share and vent frustrations to better focus on the future and the result. We are committed to helping teams catch their breath in a context of creativity, fun and pride.

Our approach to organizational systems allows us to ensure that all the voices of the system present in the team are heard, for the benefit of all.

Personal development

The VUCA world requires individuals to give their best, whilst the difficulty of constant pressure and expectation of results.

We offer a series of interactive workshops, where participants will have the opportunity to pack their bags and become aware of their strengths and vulnerabilities- to be responsible for their choices and relevant to the context, whether it is during a workshop on self-confidence, stress management, emotional intelligence.

Team Building

Many formats are offered to teams, creative workshop, art workshop, tree climbing, self-defense workshop, Highlander games... to allow them to express their reality, their difficulties in a non-threatening context and find new answers. The teams emerge united, energized and ready for their future with serenity. Knowing and understanding each other better is always a moment of revelation, a source of positive energy and motivation!

Executive - individual coaching

Coaching is a powerful form of accompaniment to help people evolve on the path to empowerment and in the development of their personal effectiveness and performance, by applying new knowledge or skills and by a better awareness of how they work.

Through various targeted coaching tools and techniques, we give people access to their own business processes and from this new level of awareness, we enable them to better exploit and express their talent and potential. We facilitate the acquisition or reinforcement of the behaviours necessary to achieve their development objective through immediate practice.